Vitamin B12, Benefits and more

vitamina b12 / vitamin b12

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What is vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 belongs to the group of water-soluble proteins and for this reason we could eliminate them from our body through excess urine and it is stored in the liver and can be maintained for many years and since it is made up of Cobalt it is also called Cyanocobalamin.

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What is vitamin B12 for?

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that has different benefits for us, some of which may be:

  • Helps to have stable neuron and blood health.
  • Prevents megaloblastic anemia.
  • Prevents fatigue and blood disorders.
  • Contributes to the formation of DNA.
  • Intervenes in the formation of red blood cells.

What is vitamin B12 for

What problems occur due to a lack of vitamin B12?

Having a deficiency in these vitamins can be caused by having a low amount of this vitamin due to a lack of intake of foods that contain vitamin B12. Another cause is the lack of absorption, which can be caused by type A atrophic gastritis. Therefore, it is advisable to go to the doctor to have a check-up.

The problems presented by the lack of having low levels of B12 can be:

  • Anemia.
  • Glossitis.
  • Neurological symptoms.
  • Affects myelination.
  • Lack of balance and weakness.
  • Megaloblastic delusion.

problems occur due to a lack of vitamin B12

What foods are they in?

Vitamin B12 cannot be produced by species such as fungi, plants or animals, only bacteria and archaea have the necessary enzymes for its synthesis, on the other hand many foods are a natural source of this vitamin due to bacterial symbiosis and it can be found in dairy products, fish, meat, especially cattle liver.

  • Liver: Any type of beef liver contains high amounts of B12, at the same time it provides our body with good levels of high-quality protein along with other important nutrients. It also helps to build muscle mass and especially for the cellular functions of the organism.
  • Egg: It is a food rich in vitamin B12, mainly found in the white part of the egg and they are also rich in protein with a large amount of amino acids. Helps muscle growth, maintain strong hair and nails.
  • Salmon: It is known mainly for its contribution of omega 3 fatty acids. The nutrients it provides help reduce inflammation caused by daily pollutants, protects the heart, improves brain health and helps to preserve the hair and skin of healthy way.
  • Fortified cereals: Being synthetically manufactured and not coming from animals, it has high levels of vitamin B12. Preferably use a brand that is low in sugar and high in fiber and whole grains.
  • Milk and dairy products: Products such as cheese and yogurt are excellent sources of protein and minerals, including vitamin B12.

What foods are they in

How can a lack of Vitamin B12 be treated?

The treatment of the shortage of these vitamins will be treated depending on the cause that causes it.

In case it is due to the lack of intake of products with high values ​​of B12, they will be given a diet recommended by a nutritionist together with a follow-up.

In the short term, what can be used if there are no contraindications is an oral vitamin B12 supplement of 500 mg, consuming approximately 2 grams per day.

If you have a gastric resection and have had your stomach or a piece of small intestine removed, you will have a vitamin b12 absorption problem.

In these cases, an intramuscular injection of 1000 micrograms can be applied with a pattern of approximately 1 daily injection ( always consult your trusted doctor).

Newborns of strict vegan mothers should take supplements from birth.

And the recovery of all neurological disorders can be in 6 weeks in case and in case they last for months or years they may not recover, it usually happens in older people with dementia.

How can a lack of Vitamin B12 be treated?


If you have a severe vitamin B12 deficiency, it is recommended to visit your GP and he can prescribe vitamin supplements that contain high concentrations of this and other vitamins. At XTRALIFE we have a range of products that contain varieties of vitamins, these will help you recover and reach optimal levels in the body again.