What is milk thistle and what is it for?

cardo mariano / milk thistle

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Milk thistle is one of the great allies of the liver, if you have liver or toxin elimination problems, you will be interested in reading this article carefully. You will surely discover a wonderful supplement that could even save your life. Thanks to silymarin, the active principle of the plant and the reason for its therapeutic effects.

This plant has been known since ancient times for its qualities on the liver, such as repairing damaged liver cells, stimulating bile production, and promoting better digestion.

cardo mariano / milk thistle

Benefits of milk thistle

The medicinal virtues of milk thistle are essentially linked to liver physiology. Which also makes it a great way to treat digestive and gallbladder disorders. In this part, you will discover all the benefits of using milk thistle for your health.

Milk thistle and liver

Silymarin is an extremely powerful flavonoid that protects liver cells against toxins. And even in the event of an attack, it intervenes in its repair. In other words, this active ingredient helps the liver. And it is abundantly found in milk thistle.

liver repair

The first function of milk thistle is to help the liver in its detoxification capacity. Next, silymarin stimulates the production of glutathione, another active antioxidant that helps fight toxins.

But that’s not the most impressive. Alcohol and certain medical treatments can be extremely damaging to the liver and prevent it from doing its job of removing toxins properly.

Here again the milk thistle intervenes. Its action allows the cells of this organ to regenerate more quickly.

This, thanks to a faster synthesis of enzymes, the same ones that will be in charge of liver repair, but will also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Reason why the plant is recommended for people who consume alcohol and those who suffer from liver cirrhosis.

For the latter, it is recommended to consume the dry extracts instead of the hydroalcoholic extracts.

Simulation of bile production

Bile plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the digestive system. And hand in hand with this compound you will be able to eliminate waste and toxins in a more than effective way.

But in addition, the molecules, electrolytes, and water in bile break down the fat and food we eat. As a result, it stores and promotes the absorption of certain essential minerals and vitamins for the body. So when there is a slowdown in the production of this green liquid, the entire digestive tract is affected.

Fortunately, milk thistle promotes increased bile secretion. Which, you can’t imagine how much, positively impacts digestion. The plant is also highly recommended for people in whom the secretion or flow of bile is inhibited.

How to consume milk thistle?

The question you immediately ask yourself is how to take milk thistle. You should know that this plant exists on the market in various forms. Either way, always make sure that the product you choose meets European quality standards and contains at least 70% silymarin.