Vitamin A Supplements 10 000 IU 60 capsules Xtralife


Vitamin A Supplements in Capsule:

Form of presentation: capsules.
Contain: 60 capsules.

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin that the body needs for growth and development. It is also vital for cell recognition, vision, immune function, and reproduction.

Vitamin A Supplements – Xtralife is a fat-soluble nutrient that plays a vital role in your body.

It exists naturally in foods and can also be consumed through vitamin A supplements.

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Benefits Vitamin A supplemets in capsule:

  • Eating adequate amounts of vitamin A prevents the development of night blindness and may help slow the age-related decline of your eyesight.
  • Having enough vitamin A in your diet helps keep your immune system healthy and function at its best.
  • The exact role of vitamin A in the prevention and treatment of acne is unclear. Yet, vitamin-A-based medications are often used to treat severe acne.
  • Eating the recommended amount of vitamin A may help protect your bones and reduce your risk of fractures, though the connection between this vitamin and bone health is not fully understood.
  • Adequate amounts of vitamin A in the diet are essential for reproductive health and the healthy development of babies during pregnancy.


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