Supplement Stress Free Vitamins 450mg 60 Capsules Xtralife


Stress Free Vitamins

Form of presentation: capsules.
Contain: 60 capsules.
Concentration: 450mg.

This formula works in harmony with your natural cycle. Traditionally used to help promote relaxation, so you can leave your busy day behind and get the peaceful rest you deserve.**

Supplement Stress Free Benefits:

  • Reduces irritability.
  • Decreases anxiety.
  • It has a mild sedative effect.
  • It is very useful for cases of depression.

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Stress Free Vitamins

A unique blend of natural herbs to help cope with the stressful situations of everyday life. It is a rejuvenating tonic with powerful adaptogenic effects that help you cope with the stresses of life. Stress is a problem that clearly needs to be addressed, and there are numerous strategies that have been shown to be effective in alleviating it.

These include how:

  • to eat a healthy diet.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Talk with friends or a mental health professional.
  • Engage in relaxation.
  • Meditation techniques.

Another, often-disputed stress-relief tool at your disposal?

The dietary supplements. While none are a magic pill that will make stress disappear entirely, certain supplements claim to help lower anxiety levels, tame sleep troubles, ease depression symptoms, and more.

While these claims are often overhyped, there is some evidence that dietary supplements can be part of a holistic approach to reducing stress, along with a healthy diet and other lifestyle changes.

Stress Free Benefits:

  • Natural sedative.
  • Helps relieve anxiety.**

Ideal in cases of:

  • Insomnia.
  • Nervousness.
  • Stress-related changes.
  • Hiperactivity

Suggested Dose:

  • From 2 capsules a day, after eating some food.


  • Do not take if you are allergic or sensitive to San Juan herb (Ypericum perforatum) or its ingredients.
  • Do not take if you have HIV/SIDA.
  • San Juan herb (Ypericum perforatum) provides a relaxing effect and should not be taken by people undergoing surgery. This can make induction of anesthesia difficult.
  • Do not take if you are receiving chemotherapy.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.